where are we?

Rather than a permanent location, we “pop up” around Atlanta. Never miss a chance for a treat and follow us on Facebook. You can also contact us for something made special just for you!


Piedmont Park Farmers market every Saturday from 9AM-1PM

March 19- December 10th

Morehouse College’s 15th Annual Health and Fitness Fair! The fair will take place on Wednesday, March 21st from 1pm-4pm in Samuel Archer Hall on the Morehouse College Campus

Us, bare…

Bare Treat is the creation of husband and wife team Vicente and Jo. The goal of Bare Treat is to create food that is so incredibly delicious you won’t need to tell your friends it’s plant based.

Jo “The Dancer” Jo

From the fast-paced intense world of NYC finance, I woke up one day and said “enough!” Vicente and I decided to start traveling and learning everything we could about our real passion, food.

Always having a love for healthier vegan takes on traditional baked goods, I was happy to find that much of the world has already been baking vegan for centuries.  Places like Greece, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand were already creating delicious dishes that needed no secret conversion formula to become vegan.  They often used high-quality plant-based fats and no dairy in their dishes.  Bare Treat is a result of all the great flavors I got to taste around the world, now home in Atlanta…

Vicente “can I eat that” Fernandez

I remember around 2nd grade when I had to tell lunch mates “my mother didn’t burn the bread, it’s whole wheat” and “no, I am not eating grass, these are sprouts.”  Now, we walk into a supermarket and ask for the “nut milk section” and it is actually a thing!

Jo and I have traveled to over 30 countries finding flavors that can be used to enhance this culinary discipline that is plant based cuisine. You may have to try a little harder to find us, but it will always be worth the trip…

Making a special Order?

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